Twitter_pic_400x400Accredited Executive Coach and Founder of Irwin & Associates Coaching

Dr. Russ Irwin is a passionate and skilled executive and business success coach who can inspire you to live a rich and purposeful life while optimizing your business and realizing your full potential.

Russ is a highly sought after peak performance coach for executives, entrepreneurs, athletes, and businesses due to his unique qualifications and talents:

  • Over 17 years of entrepreneurial success
  • Over 9 years of executive coaching experience
  • International motivational and instructional public speaker to small and large audiences
  • Ph.D. in Psychology and Master’s in Behavioural Sciences

He is also one of only a select few “Behavioural Assessment Certified Professionals” worldwide, certified to administer the highly respected Behavioural Assessment Profile . Russ has delivered this assessment to clients in over 15 countries, ranging from executives within Fortune 500 companies to best-in-class Olympic athletes.