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Posted on 6th Sep, 2016

There have been many people who have had great intentions and amazing visions, yet their visions have never become reality. They wandered frustrated in circles.

Map for success


Because even great intentions and the most creative ideas will go nowhere unless you have a map to provide the necessary direction to point you towards your destiny. Maps create clarity when all seems blurred; they turn the abstract into the concrete and help you to know when you are on or off course.

Maps provide clarity in three important areas, which you must look at closely if you want to live a life of success; a life that is progressive and one that is continually being stretched and enlarged. If you want to create an extraordinary life – a life I call next level living – then you will need a map that will provide clarity in the following areas:

  1. Where are you at present?
  2. Where are you going?
  3. What is the best way to get there?

I will admit the first of these three areas – “where are you at present?” – is the most difficult of the three, since it deals with gaining clarity in the area of personal truth.

The Truth about Personal Truth

Your personal truth has nothing to do with what others believe or say about you. Nor is it what we often say concerning ourselves, since we sometimes wear masks portraying our fictitious self to those around us.

Our personal truth is who we really are at the core of our identity. Our personal truth is the essence of who we were created to be. Coming to terms with this core truth, or identity, will require a certain measure of honesty and vulnerability.

No matter how distorted our interpretations become, the truth will always remain the same. We can’t change it, nor can we escape it. We can only face it.

You must know where you are to know where you are going.

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