Posted by Russ Irwin

Posted on 7th Mar, 2016

road-sky-clouds-cloudy-largeIn this post, I want to help you to hit the reset button.

The other day, I was sitting with a friend enjoying some unusually mild weather and my thoughts turned quickly to spring. A season of new beginnings. As my friend and I continued to speak, he opened up and shared how “newness” scares him. He wished he could live a life of “instant replays”.

I asked, instant replays, or delayed retries? When he asked what the difference was, I explained an instant replay is where the same event is played over again. A delayed retry, which I discovered was what my friend really meant, is not a fixed frame on a film. Here you are able to fantasize about the possibility of going back and being able to have another chance to relive an experience which you could have handled differently – potentially more wisely.

Delayed retry living keeps so many people from progressively moving forward… and keeps them residing in the land of mediocrity.

My advice to my friend, and to all my friends reading this post, is since you cannot turn back time, you should only learn from it. Don’t allow where you were to determine where you are going. Move on, stop holding on to those negative images of your yesterdays. They only continue to create guilt and doubt. Allow for a new beginning, new vision, and limitless possibilities.

Allow your thoughts to create new encouraging experiences (instead of reliving past ones). Self talk is powerful; it creates new behaviors.

It is time to adjust the thought-thermostat, turn up the heat, get out of the comfort zone, and DREAM.

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