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Posted on 4th May, 2016

Climb for sustainable successWe often hear that vision and action lead to success – and this is true – but what are the ingredients for sustaining that success, a success that passes the test of time and adversity?

Let me introduce you to two simple ingredients that lead to progress and are necessary for sustainable success:

1.     Base

This is foundational in moving toward success. In mountain climbing, the key to reaching the top is in having a strong base camp to launch from each day and return to each night. If you are to reach your personal and business summit and master the daily challenges, you must have a strong, safe place where you can start and finish.

2.     Pace

Each day we need to reconnect and refocus with our personal mission, which empowers us to launch each day from the right footing. The right base will help you to establish the right pace – ensuring you remain true to your priorities and accountable to your “why” (why you do what you do). If we are not accountable to our “why” it becomes easy to say yes to every request and no to self-care.

A Good Base and Pace

When we lack a launching pad, a base camp to begin and return, and when we fail to practise self-care, it becomes easy to:

  • Bend over backwards to help EVERYONE else
  • Schedule too much in one day
  • Put yourself last

A good base is more than a “soft place to land” when life gangs up on you; it also helps you to balance out your gift of contribution to others. Otherwise we become frustrated, angry, tired (fat), and our creative juice is depleted.

So how do I begin to practise self-care?

  1. Self-awareness: Be aware of what’s happening, and more importantly, why it’s happening.
  2. Be intentional about scheduling your time: Include a specific time period just for yourself. I personally practise what I call my “platinum 30”. It is 30 minutes for personal development, prayer, and affirmations. This is my base where I recharge.
  3. Accept: Accept the reality that not everyone will embrace your decision for self-care.

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