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Posted on 20th Sep, 2016

Life SeasonsLife Is about Progress

Life is about progress and progress is about growth – when you stop growing, you die. Growth is important because it helps us to see our limitations; if we can see our limitations, then we can own them. If we don’t own something, we can’t change it… but when we own it, we are able to create lasting change.

Progress is also about process, which at times can involve some pain as you move out of your previous pattern of believing and behaving, and begin to enlarge your capacity. Like working out your muscles, they must first break down before they can grow. Many of you may have experienced a breakdown, but it is only to make room for increase.

Life has seasons to it; there are times to plant and times to harvest. Growth is about learning to recognize the specific season of life you’re in.

So I ask you, which season are you in now?

Are You in Life’s Winter Season?

Winter is a time to recoup, rest, and reflect. It’s a time when we can allow our thoughts, emotions, and bodies to experience some well-needed downtime.

Winter is a time for internal work, a time to take inventory, a time to dig deep and deal with some of the root issues in our life that may be producing negative beliefs and behaviours.

It’s during this season, those winter moments, that we are able to make changes that last. Now I know some of you are saying “but that is painful,” and yes, at times it will be, but learn to view these moments as a growing pain. View it as part of the process in creating an extraordinary life.

Winter is not meant to pull you down but to take you higher – to move you beyond the confines of mediocrity, past the place where you have been spinning your wheels to a new place of increase and favour.

If you’re in the winter season, know why you’re there and make the decision to refuse to make any more excuses, stop dealing with the symptoms, and begin to dig deep and live.

Are You in Life’s Spring Season?

Springtime is a time of new life, a time of renewal and growth. This is not only the time to dream; it is also the time to take action on those dreams. If you dream of having a garden of beautiful flowers but fail to take action and plant, your good intentions will come up empty and you will have nothing to enjoy.

Spring is a time to let go of what was and begin to embrace what will be with a renewed sense of anticipation. It’s a time to begin to believe that you are about to give birth to more in your future than you’ve lost in your past.

This is the time to begin to put some wheels on your dreams.

Are You in Life’s Summer Season?

Summer is a time for work – a time to fertilize, cultivate, and irrigate because this is the season of growth. When we are growing, we are living life to the fullest.

Work is motion and motion creates momentum; it’s our commitment to forward momentum that brings advancement, and advancement provides the motivation to dig even deeper so we can go even higher.

Are You in Life’s Fall Season?

Autumn is the time where your work now pays off and you begin to reap the harvest. It’s time to enjoy the fruit of your labour.

After we have celebrated, it becomes time again to quiet ourselves down, recoup, rest, and reflect… I think you see the pattern.

Life Seasons

The Passage of Life’s Seasons

Seasons are cyclical; therefore, they are temporary. Don’t allow yourself to become discouraged. This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Since life is about progress, take time to enjoy each moment and allow these seasons to develop the characteristics in you that will take your life to a new level.

If we fail to understand the season we are in, then we fail to anticipate and predict areas in our life where we can gain efficiencies. Please understand, I am not saying that seasons determine our experiences. They do not. What determines our experience is how we react or fail to react to our season.

When we begin to gain a deeper understanding of the seasons of life, and in particular the one we are presently in, we can begin to recognize patterns which can serve to give us predictive power and prepare for what we know will be coming next.

With the power of predictability, you can remain one step ahead – in business and in life.

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