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Posted on 1st Nov, 2016

connect with your authentic selfWhen you begin to connect with your authentic self, who you were truly meant to be, then you no longer need to live a superficial existence. You will no longer be looking for the right thing the wrong way – and often in the wrong place. Suddenly the stuff of life falls into its lesser than priority place, and your senses become heightened to the beauty and greatness that surround you.

My blog (and my coaching) is about restoring the color back into your life, learning to appreciate the magic even in the mundane. It is about learning to allow yourself to be enlarged, to break out of your comfort zone, and to venture with passion and anticipation toward becoming a whole new you in your personal life, relationships, and businesses.

My hope is that you will push yourself toward a decision to no longer serve as an extra in someone else’s script, but to become the star and live the script designed just for you.

I have discovered along my way that life is certainly a journey; it is not a plateau we suddenly reach, but is a process we continually grow through. Life contains peaks and valleys, triumph and tragedy, ups and downs; it has an ebb and flow to it but nonetheless, as Jimmy Stewart says in that great Christmas classic It’s a Wonderful Life, “Life is a gift we must treasure and one we must choose to give to others”.

I want to assign you some homework. I want you to begin and end each day in front of the mirror and boldly declare these words:


In fact, stop reading this blog right now and find a mirror, whether you’re at work or at home. Don’t let another minute go by without allowing your words to begin to call into reality that this is your time NOW.

You have waited long enough. In fact, you have waited too long, spent too many years living in the shadows. It’s time for a rebirth. Go ahead and look that person straight in the eye and say it nice and loud. This is my time now. Now say it a few more times with emphasis:

This IS my time now!

This is MY time now!

This is my time NOW!

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