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Posted on 17th Mar, 2016

Traits of Highly Successful PeopleA seven year study of over 197,000 people, called the Genius Factor, uncovered the top four traits of highly successful people. Across twenty-three countries, the study compared the abilities of people who lacked job success to those who were successful.

Participants were separated into five categories based on their performance: Below Average, Average, Above Average, Excellent, and Genius. Those who achieved the highest levels of success fell into the “Genius” category – and they were found to display some common attributes.

The top four traits of highly successful people are:

1.     Self Awareness

Self-awareness is the ability to accurately perceive your own emotions in the moment, allowing you to stay on top of your specific reactions to situations. It is also an awareness of your core gifts and strengths.

2.     Authenticity

Whereas self-awareness is about knowing who you are, authenticity is being true to that awareness. It is focusing on who you are and what you have rather than what you do not. Authenticity creates a solid identity.

3.     Self Management

Self-management allows you to pursue the right opportunities while having the ability to keep your emotions from holding you back.

4.     Social Awareness

Social awareness is the ability to pick up on others’ emotions and understand what is going on with them. Here, you are able to engage another with true wisdom and discernment.

While listing these attributes is simple, achieving them is the hard part!

Success Strategies to Get Started

A few ways you can take your first steps toward greater success:

  1. Use Powerful Affirmations

A famous proverb says, “Life and death are in the power of the tongue”. Words are powerful, so regularly use empowering words of affirmation.

E.g. I can! I will! I am able to…

  1. See the Best in Others
  2. Take an Opportunity to Point Out Three Positive Situations from Today
  3. Most Importantly: Speak in the Positive!

We often put more energy into speaking about what we don’t have or don’t want. People can react more effectively if we are able to state what we do want or need.

Be creative! The number of possibilities of what you don’t want can be infinite! This is why it is usually easier to start there. Change your focus to be on what you do want and watch how it will impact you.

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