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Posted on 15th Feb, 2017

Why You Must Embrace Vulnerability [TED Talk Video]Do you feel that vulnerability is a weakness? As though you should never be vulnerable or show your vulnerability to others, under any circumstances?

No one likes feeling vulnerable – especially not successful executives, entrepreneurs, and businesspeople. But what if I told you that this constant need to be “strong” and deny vulnerability is actually standing in your way and stopping you from attaining your peak potential?

To achieve our peak performance in business and in life, we must accept who we are and understand our own personal truth. Not what we say about ourselves and certainly not what others think about us; personal truth is at the core of our identity and it is the key to understanding and unlocking the essence of who we were created to be.

And you won’t be able to get to your personal truth, your core identity, unless you are able to be honest and vulnerable.

Vulnerability isn’t a weakness, as so many of us think. It’s a strength.

Think about it – when are we most vulnerable? When we truly care about something. When we are striving to achieve something important to us. When we allow ourselves to become passionate and embrace our gifts. When we are authentic (and remember: authenticity is one of the most important traits of highly successful people).

Vulnerability is necessary if you want to align your life with your passions and talents, help your business spiral upwards, or live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

I’ve seen the importance of vulnerability time and time again through my coaching. And I’m not the only one – researcher and bestselling author Brené Brown, PhD has done some fascinating studies on vulnerability and courage.

She learned that we cannot numb vulnerability without numbing joy, gratitude, and happiness, and that people who have a strong sense of worthiness have fully embraced vulnerability.

I encourage you to watch her popular TED Talk, “The power of vulnerability”:

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