The Values Index™ (VI) is the latest interpretation of the work of Dr. Eduard Spranger and Dr. Gordon Allport into what drives and motivates an individual’s decision making. The seven dimensions of value discovered between these two researchers allow you to understand the reasons that drive you to use your talents in the unique ways you do.

This Values Index will help you understand your motivators and drivers, and learn how to maximize your performance by achieving better alignment and passion for what you do. It will help you to better understand your unique value hierarchy or belief system pertaining to what motivates you, what you are most drawn to, and where your passions lie.

Such knowledge helps an individual become more effective in several key areas of their life, including:

  • Setting goals that are inspirational
  • Creating roles that align well with motivations
  • Job selection
  • Performance management

Main Summary Graph of a Values Index


Innermetrix Values Index Test


Do Not Be Fooled – This Is Not Your Run-of-the-mill Personality Test

You can find a lot of personality tests, DISC tests, and business profiles out there – some for free. However, none of those tests come close to the accuracy of the complete Innermetrix profile. More importantly, none of those test results are interpreted for you by Dr. Russ Irwin, a Ph.D. in Psychology and Master’s in Behavioural Sciences. 

Russ Irwin’s interpretation of your test results is an experience like no other, completely unique. Anyone can tell you “what you do”. Not just anyone can help you understand why you do it, and, how to change it to reach your dreams. Clients are frequently deeply moved by their debrief with Russ, calling the experience “cathartic”.

For those who are serious about peak performance, this is the first step in the journey to uncovering what is blocking you from success.

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