Russ Irwin has made a significant contribution to the future success and effectiveness of HighView Financial as his in depth profiling processes and intuitive skills have allowed us to truly harness the unique talents and gifts of each member of our team.

Gary Brent, Chairman & Co-Founder -
HighView Financial Group

Dr. Russ Irwin is a powerful Executive Coach who has worked with many of our clients. Russ guides individuals and teams in developing insight and movement towards goals and alignment with their vision. I highly recommend Dr. Russ.

Meghan Kirwin -
CEO The Kirwin Group
Mark Barnicutt

The entrepreneurial life is a growth-focused, winding journey that intersects both your business and your family on a daily basis. The reality, though, is that as an entrepreneur, everyone depends upon you….if you don’t do what you do, lives are impacted….your clients, your employees, your suppliers, your family. You’re committed, though, because you have a bigger vision for your business and your family, but in the end, the ultimate success of your business and your family depends upon you. The ultimate success of you, though, depends upon you being authentically you…and this is the great challenge.

The challenge is that the collection of our life experiences and the people in our lives can unfortunately often subconsciously block us from being the best version of ourselves. By working with Dr. Russ Irwin for the past few years, his unique professional combination of both psychology and coaching training, has enabled me to unlock the real me so I’ve been able to start leading the fulfilling life I’ve always desired. Thanks Russ!

Mark Barnicutt, President & CEO -
HighView Financial Group